Place: Switzerland

“Cross-Rouge Suisse” is the Organization that leads with the process of validation of nursing’s diplomas.

The preliminary evaluation is the first step before any actual application for recognition and is free of charge.

It will tell you whether your qualification can in principle be recognized and informs you of any conditions you must fulfill to have it recognized..

This application form needs to be send with the required documents by POST. They are not able to accept documents send by email and fax.

You will receive a decision within 2 months of submission of your complete dossier.

The applications are just available in Italian, French or German.

ITALIAN_VP Pflege_NonEU_EU-AK_20160105

FRENCH_VP Pflege_NonEU_EU-AK_20160105

GERMAN_VP Pflege_NonEU_EU-AK_20160105

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