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Applying for registration in a division(s) of the Register

Nurses and midwives who practise in Ireland must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI).

This section includes important information for nurses and midwives who trained outside Ireland and who are seeking registration with NMBI.

Before you commence the application process, please:

  • Read our Guide for Overseas Applicants, which can be downloaded below this page, and information in this section of the website
  • Identify which Application Group (1, 2 or 3) applies to you
  • Understand NMBI’s five-step application process

Advice for all applicants: 

As the outcome of the application process cannot be predicted, NMBI strongly advises that you:

  • Do not to move to Ireland, or leave your current employment, based on the expectation that your application for registration will be successful. Please wait until you receive your decision letter (Step 5) before making any travel or employment plans.
  • Do not to apply for nursing or midwifery positions until you have received a registration decision. We cannot fast-track applications based on offers of employment, as this would be unfair to other applicants.

Applying for registration in a division

To apply for registration in a division of the Register you must be educated and trained in that division. For example, if you trained as a general nurse and want to register as a general nurse with NMBI, you are eligible to apply to Register.

 However, if you trained as a general nurse only and have gained considerable experience working as a children’s nurse in another country, you will not be eligible to register as a children’s nurse with NMBI. You would need to have completed an appropriate education and training programme as a children’s nurse before NMBI can consider your application for registration in this division.

If you want to apply for registration in a specific division of the Register, and your training for that division was completed after your initial training as a nurse or midwife, there are some specific registration requirements. For example, NMBI will need to consider your initial registration as a general nurse or midwife first before we consider an application for registration in that division. This will happen at Step 4 in the process, when your application is being assessed.

Application Groups 

Before you start the application process, you first need to identify your Application Group.

This will determine:

  • The type and nature of the documents we will require from you
  • Whether or not your application will require a full education assessment
  • The nature of the registration process within NMBI

To help you identify which Application Group applies to you, check the reference table below and visit individual pages on each of the groups. 


Which of the following best describes you? Your Group
I trained as a general nurse or midwife

in the European Union (EU) or European

Economic Area (EEA)
I meet the automatic recognition or

acquired right provisions of the Directive

Group 1
I trained as a general nurse or

midwife in the EU or EEA
I am seeking recognition under the

“general system” provision of the Directive

Group 2
I trained in the EU or EEA in a division

other than general nursing or midwifery

Group 2
I trained outside the EU or EEA Group 3

Track your application

As part of the application process, you will be given details of how to logon to the NMBI website through the My Account section.  You will be able to check on the status of your application and what documents are outstanding through the Track my application.

Guide for Overseas Applicants

(PDF, 1.47 MB)




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