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Recognition of your professional qualification

To obtain recognition of your professional qualification, follow this procedure:

Fill in the form that applies to your profession. (Verpleegkundigen ) If you want your specialty to be recognised, indicate this on the application form.
Print out the form.
Add the required documents (see the application form).
Send the application form and the required documents by post to:

Postbus 16114

2500BC Den Haag

The Netherlands

Within two weeks you will be sent confirmation that your application has been received.

When your qualification is considered, the educational level of your course will first be assessed by the Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education (Nuffic) and the Foundation for Cooperation between Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB). Next, the Commission for Foreign Healthcare Graduates (CBGV) will consider the training content and all relevant professional and work experience involved, and then advise the Minister of Health whether to recognise your qualification or not. If your qualification is not recognised, you will have to undertake adaptation training or do an aptitude test.
A provisional decision will be issued. You will then have four weeks to respond. After this, a final decision will be issued.
If your qualification is recognised, please inform us and then start the BIG registration procedure.

Processing an application for recognition of qualifications will start as soon as your completed application has been received and up to three months. This time limit can be extended by one month. You will be informed if an extension is necessary. The procedure may also be delayed if any documents are missing or if more information is needed

It costs nothing to have your qualifications officially recognised. However, for BIG registration you will be charged a processing and registration fee of €85. For more information, go to Processing and registration fees.

This document has 25 pages. It is only available in Dutch.


CLICK ON  (ON WEBSITE): Verpleegkundigen (NURSE) (DOC | 219kB)

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