About the website:

Nursing Revolution is an attempt to help nurses from all over around the world. I am a Registered Nurse and I had to go through some difficulties during my time as a student and during my career because of the lack of information. The goal of our website is to create a place where all nurses can gather, get informed about jobs, validation diplomas and volunteerings, as well as to discuss actual issues related to our field and be part of a community that is gaining strength every day.
Also, if you would to contribute with some sort of information, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Nursing is leading a tremendous role in the medical field. We must give a voice to it!
Because we care.

About the creator:

My name is Teresa Ochagavia Pelayo. I am originally from La Rioja, Spain. I was graduated as a Nurse in Spain in 2012.
As many nurses, I worked and I felt like I needed more. Therefore, I started the adventure to become an au-pair and improve my English at the USA. I lived in California and Washington D.C. Finally, I settled down in New York City, where I have been living by myself since 2014. I became a Registered Nurse in the State of new York in 2015. It goes without saying that the path has been very difficult, as well as worth it.

The difficulties of getting an sponsorship and the lack of information that I felt that all the nurses have made me to commit myself to this website.
Here you have some information that I gathered and that will grow in the future. Here you have tons of hours of work in front of the computer, sending e-mails, recording interviews and editing them.

Thank you very much to those who believe in new projects, in novice nurses.
Because we care.