Place: Mampong, Ghana
Role: · Assessment · Maternity Nursing Care · Labour Phases · Monitor Vital Signs
Length: Minimum Stay 4 Weeks
Language: English
Price: 815 $US (Four Weeks). Plus Registration Fee

Philipa Maternity Clinic is a facility that devotes their medical attention solely to the maternity needs of women in the Mampong community and surrounding areas in Ghana.

Philipa Maternity Clinic needs nursing volunteers to help in various divisions of care at this very busy clinic. The nursing volunteers would help assist new parents with a smooth introduction to their new babies and parenting in general. They would explain the impact a new baby has on a family as a whole and especially to other siblings; making suggestions on how to deal with certain situations so that all members of the family feel included and valuable in this new environment.

The nursing volunteers would be involved in the teaching required for new mothers and their families to set up a schedule and care for their babies which would include feeding, bathing, social and sleep time.

New mothers would be given advice on their diets and the need to take time out when possible for their own rest and personal needs.

Volunteers are also required to attend to nursing duties on the different wards and in the labour and delivery rooms.

Nursing volunteers for this placement must be registered nurses and have specialized in the maternity division of nursing or have had practical experience working in maternity.

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