Place: Mampong, Ghana
Role: · Ward Duties · Outreach Programs · Administration · Malaria Testing
Length: Minimum Stay 2 Weeks
Language: English
Price: 535 $US (Two Weeks). Plus Registration Fee

Mampong Government Hospital is located in the town of Mampong and serves a large percentage of the people in the five districts of Mampong. The staff attend to the needs of about 200 people who come to the hospital each day seeking medical attention, as well as the in-patients. The hospital is understaffed and any registered nurses who can volunteer some of their time at this institution are most welcome and appreciated.

Nursing volunteers duties would be similar to those in their native country and a lot would depend on their previous nursing experience. However, due to lack of staff a nursing volunteer’s experiences at this hospital could cover a large range of duties such as assisting in: the routine nursing care on the wards, the emergency department, the maternity wing which is located adjacent to the main section of the hospital, the out-reach programs or the sessions conducted towards the education of the Ghanaian people addressing various health issues. A lot would depend on the length of time the nursing volunteer was able to contribute his/her time and the interest and energy the nurse devotes towards his/her responsibilities.

Qualified nursing volunteers at this placement can make a great contribution in the medical care of the people in Ghana. You would be amazed at how much your volunteering work would help to relieve some of the workload of fellow nurses and at the same time expand your knowledge in the medical field as well as perhaps a little better understanding of medical problems confronting humanity as a whole.

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