Place: Nsaba, Ghana
Role: · School and Community Programs · Outreach Programs · Disease Prevention and Detection · Patient Care
Length: Minimum Stay 4 Weeks
Language: English
Price: 815 $US (Four Weeks). Plus Registration Fee

Nsaba Health Clinic is a rural medical centre that provides Ghanaians with health care services in over 50 rural communities.

The Nsaba Health Clinic offers a number of services including a general medical ward, maternity ward and outreach services plus health promotion talks to schools and community groups. The outreach programs to rural villages that do not have a medical centre in their community provides a much needed service. Volunteer nurses are needed to help in numerous ways to help with the medical care of the people, as well as to relieve some of the work load on the very dedicated nurses.

Public rural health clinics play an important role in the Ghana Health Care System. They provide medical attention to individuals who may not otherwise be able to access healthcare because they cannot afford to travel into the city or afford the hospital fees. Nurses are seen frequently in and around the villages thus the people in the rural communities usually feel comfortable talking to them about their medical concerns and are more likely to seek medical attention than they would otherwise.

The Nsaba Clinic is in need of volunteers all year round as the demand for extra assistance is very high. A nursing volunteer at the clinic would be expected to perform duties similar to those in her native country. Be it on the wards with the patients or in the clinics. Nurses may also be asked to assist in presentations at schools or in community centres.

Nursing volunteers, especially those with experience, will have a great opportunity to expand their medical knowledge and at the same time provide assistance to patients and overworked staff.

The nursing volunteer for this placement must be a registered nurse with some work experience. The volunteer must be willing to work in all areas of patient care and have a sincere desire to assist the medical needs of the people in Ghana.

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