Place: Ubud, Bali
Role: Described above
Length: Minimum Stay 1 week
Language: English
Price: 295 $US. Plus Registration Fee

Volunteers with an interest in education and simple hygiene techniques are welcome to join the Healthcare Education project. Volunteers work in local schools throughout the Ubud area, actively teaching the importance of basic hygiene and general health. Topics can include brushing teeth correctly, washing hands, general body cleanliness and nutrition however, volunteers are not restricted to these and are encouraged to come prepared with an idea of what they wish to teach. Many of our daily routines that we carry out without thinking are not common practice with the children you will meet, but starting simple education early can go a long way for immediate and future healthcare. Due to the limited English skills of the children these classes are challenging to teach and volunteers need to be prepared to adapt the topic they wish to teach to the language level of the children. Fully qualified doctors can run healthcare campaigns or check-up clinics in local villages around Ubud. Volunteers who wish to do this must possess strong initiative and arrive with an idea of what they wish to focus on during their program. Please note that qualified doctors who wish to arrange campaigns or clinics are required to provide proof of qualifications and bring any medical equipment they may require with them as resources are limited.

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