Place: Lima, Perú
Role: Described above
Length: Minimum Stay 1 week
Language: Spanish
Price: 180 $US. Plus Registration Fee

Poverty creates a large barrier from obtaining sufficient health care for a significant portion of the Peruvian population. To meet demand and reach those who have less access to healthcare, the Peruvian Government has actioned daily medical campaigns which travel to different areas in Lima. These campaigns have a wide reach in the community, with a range of departments available for all medical needs, and this project therefore welcomes a range of medical and nursing backgrounds . On the days the campaigns are not operating, volunteers will assist in local hospitals, clinics and dispensaries with very basic equipment and facilities. In both the campaigns and clinics, tasks will be dependent on training, experience and Spanish level. In order to participate on this project, volunteers must be confident in their conversational Spanish in order to adequately converse with patients. Volunteers also must be training or be qualified in a relevant medical/nursing field and provide a copy of their qualifications and certificates to our program partner on arrival in Peru.

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