Place: Kandy, Sri Lanka
Role: Described above
Length: Minimum Stay 1 week
Language: English
Price: 285 $US. Plus Registration Fee

Volunteers on the Medical project are placed in a hospital in Kandy, where they have the opportunity to work alongside local hospital staff and learn how to perform medical procedures with basic medical resources. The hospital our volunteers work in is a training hospital and it is important to note that only Medical students are eligible for this program. Additionally hospitals in Sri Lanka cannot allow volunteers to work alone, which means your work within the hospital will be primarily observational. There are many departments in which volunteers can request to be placed and if you have a specific skill set or area of interest, please make a note of this in your application form. We cannot guarantee that all requests will be met, however our local staff will do their best to match your skills and preferences to a relevant department.

Volunteers must be a student in Medical School in order to be eligible to apply for this program. All Medical volunteers are required to provide the following to our program partner once they have registered, no later than 4 weeks before their program starts:

  •       Proof of current level of study
  •       CV/resume specific to Medical skills and experience
  •       Letter of recommendation from a tutor or supervisor in the Medical field ŸŸ
  •       Letter of intent from the volunteer, outlining why and what you are hoping to gain from your volunteer program

Prospective volunteers must therefore apply for the Medical project no later than 6 weeks before they wish to begin. It is important to note that if the above documents are not received by our local staff at least 4 weeks prior to the program start date, volunteers cannot be guaranteed a Medical placement and should expect to work within another project.

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